RS232 Serial debugger


Passive split: (No latency, no re-transmitting packets…. Receive Only, can’t tell which device is sending)

.. Use 2 splits, into 2 MAX232s into 2 Serial RX on Teensy.



Serial In (From Control System)

MAX232 -> TTL Serial #1

Microcontroller (Teensy?)  Echos incoming strings to output, and onto – USB for Monitoring & Manual commands on local laptop running Putty etc.

TTL Serial #2 -> MAX232

Serial Out (To Device under test – ie Projector)


  • USB control includes prompt to change baud rate. Settings stored to EEPROM.
  • Phoenix to Screw terminals TX/RX/GND
  • Phoenix to DB9 connector adapter.
  • Phoenix to RJ45 adapter
  • jumpers to bypass TX / RX
  • LEDs to indicate traffic on bus.



  • Ethernet to remotely log
  • SD Card slot to log inc Real Time Clock.
  • LCD / OLED for local monitoring
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