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TinyPico & MicroPython !

Received my TinyPico boards I backed on Crowd Supply, and making some notes based on Seon’s Youtube video “MicroPython #1 – Lets Get Started”. Download from: Using OSX, Terminal ls /dev/tty.* /dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART –chip esp32 –port /dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART erase_flash –chip … Continue reading

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MAX7219 Clock countdown for artworks

  Using a pre-loved Telechron 6-digit 7-segment clock, controlled by a MAX7219 IC…   On power up.. clock to display  00 00 00 if Digital I/O xx is HIGH (pulled to 5v) (requires external pull-up-resistor) counter = 1 hour.  ** … Continue reading

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Teensy Hardware Joystick & Keyboard emulator

Testing if Teensy can be a Joystick and a Keyboard.. as some game emulators expect joystick commands as default, but require keyboard keys also. Handy in installation environment.   /* Basic USB Joystick Example   GPIO 0 Keyboard – F1 … Continue reading

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USB Remote monitor

Web enabled (ESP32 ? PoE Shield ?) USB Tester OLED   Monitors Voltage and Current for installations (Keyboards, Mice, Game Controllers). Able to report via web interface / SNMP under voltage / disconnects    

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RS232 Serial debugger

  Passive split: (No latency, no re-transmitting packets…. Receive Only, can’t tell which device is sending) .. Use 2 splits, into 2 MAX232s into 2 Serial RX on Teensy.     Serial In (From Control System) MAX232 -> TTL … Continue reading

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Brightsign media player Relay & Button control PCB

DB15 IDC Connector   15cm 16 way ribbon cable   16 Pin 8×2 Header   Jumper select ? for Relay vs Button (GPI vs GPO) or have 4 relays, 4 buttons? 3 way Screw Terminals (Relays C, … Continue reading

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Prey Q&A with Raphael Colantonio

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