Edirol V-8 MIDI Tally Interface

Testing code, with a Sparkfun MIDI Shield and 16x2 LCD display

Roland Edirol V-8 is a basic VJ video mixer, in a standard DJ mixer format and does the job for mixing between 8 video sources.

The V-8 doesn’t have a Tally light interface, but it does have MIDI out.

Using an Arduino, Sparkfun MIDI Shield I already had, and Tim Twillman’s Arduino MIDI library, it was fairly straight forward to check the MIDI Control Change messages.

Using a series of IF statements, that would keep an eye on which input buttons had been pushed and was position the Transition bar was in (all the way left/centre/all way right).

MIDI Tally Custom PCBs

Custom PCBs designed in CADSoft Eagle PCB Software and made by itead studio. Shows PCBs mounted in the enclosure for testing, but before adding the ribbon cable multi-pin connectors


Timothy t Willaman’s MIDI Library

Sparkfun MIDI Shield: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9595

Custom PCBs: itead PCB Prototyping Service

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