MIDI Controllers

Midi controllers with knobs,buttons,sliders,encoders,leds,lcd displays…

Teensy Midi info: https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_midi.html

Modi kits:




Uses 4051 Multiplexer IC to to read 8 analog inputs into 1 pin on uC. 8×8 = 64 inputs

Click to access 74HC_HCT4051.pdf








Circular LED Bargraphs &



SparkFun LED RingCoder Breakout – RGB

demo code haven’t try yet:






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Tektronix WFM2200 Portable Waveform Monitor

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Human Rights Festival, Opening Night – “THE SQUARE” (Skype Q&A)

Human Rights Festival. 8th May 2014. Cinema 2. Skype Q&A.



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VDMX Masterclass with David Lublin

On March 1st 2014, ACMI held a Masterclass with VDMX creator David Lublin via Skype from New York to Melbourne, this is the live stream archive:




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Becoming Carol Brown – Next Wave Festival 2012

This week helped out some friends with some tech advice and equipment… check it out, @ Next Wave 2012 Festival Club

A new collaboration by Tape Projects for Next Wave Festival at West Space – May 19th – 27th 2012.
“In Spring of 2009, Carol Brown witnessed a puzzling change within herself. The partitions of her mind fell away and she could no longer tell where she ended and the next person began. She felt connected beyond the internet’s wildest dreams and a carpet of imaginary solutions rolled out beneath her.
In Autumn of 2012, Tape Projects upholsters Carol’s mental furniture into an eight part mini-series. Step on set and cast yourself into the oblique melodrama that is the party within.”
Music by Secrets.

Dates: 19-27 May (Wednesday 23 May 7pm-12am WAKE UP Party)

Location: Westspace, Level 1/225 Bourke Street, Melbourne (tram routes 86, 95, 96, stop 7)

Times: 12pm-late. For late, late activity we’ll be at The Carlton Club – join us!

Ticket Prices: Free

This event is also part of Day Pass 1-9

Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Warnings: WAKE UP Party not suitable for patrons under the age of 18 years of age



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Still gotta play with encoding settings, this version looks pretty bad compared to the original as well as other files I’ve uploaded…

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Solenoid test…

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Update to the Edirol MIDI Tally project ! (https://dargs.com.au/2011/06/19/edirol-v-8-midi-tally-interface/)

I’ve put some code and schematics on github (https://github.com/dargs/Edirol-MIDI-Tally-Interface). Note- there are some mistakes in the schematics, but it was quite some time ago that I last looked at them, and this project is currently side-lined. Feel free to use the files as a guide only to your own projects.

When I get hold of another V4 or V8 (the one I was using when I wrote the code was on loan and I had to return it), I’ll have another crack at it!



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Olafur Eliasson: Playing with space and light



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